What to expect from the cyberspace in 2022

t’s already 2022, and the experts are contemplating the future of the economy, health, and technology. As for technology, significantly less attention is paid to cybersecurity. That is because cybercrimes affect people, but they don’t go beneath the layers to study the crime. 

Our digital presence is being modified with every passing second. So are the intensity and sophistication of cybercrimes. Fortunately, many advancements are reported in cybersecurity in response to the threats posed by cybercriminals. 

Amid all the chaos, security of the cyberspace consumers has a big question mark on it. Security expectations on the consumer’s end will always stay high, no matter what. To meet them and retaliate against cybercriminals’ attacks, cyberspace needs to amp up the game. The theme and assumptions from cyberspace are pretty similar to the last two years. No considerable solution could be found for specific issues last year. Those problems are still there and are the underlying cause of many cybercrimes. If you are a consumer of cyberspace, here is what to expect from it this year.


Plan for 2022


OT cybersecurity

This year, there will be a heavy emphasis on Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity, the threats that come with it and how unguarded it is. 


Crypto wallet security

The trend of cryptocurrencies peaked in 2021. So, 2022 is expected to be a year of security threats to cryptocurrency. 


Talent war

There are scarce opportunities for professionals in the field of cybersecurity. Qualified individuals rarely get good work opportunities. As a result, they retort to cybercrimes. There might be exceptions, but the loophole due to lack of employment opportunities is real and is difficult to fulfil. 

Another aspect of the talent war is hiring unfit and incompetent people in cyberspace. The threats posed by cybercriminals are getting advanced with every passing day. To deal with them, cyberspace should be equipped with professionals and experts. 


Cloud threats

This year cloud attackers are thought to have come up with something big. As more and more organizations retort to the cloud to operate efficiently, it becomes the most wanted target in the eyes of cybercriminals.


SaaS threats 

More companies have started to use software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to operate. In 2022, this software is expected to face many cyber threats. Attackers might employ phishing via suspicious emails. 


Ransomware threats

Like the past few years, ransomware threats are still expected to be a significant challenge to cyberspace in 2022. As hybrid work becomes a reliable platform for many organizations, security threats also increase. This year, the servers are said to be the main ground for the attackers. 



Cyberspace is exceptionally interconnected, which is why there are too many threats. This blog provides insight into what can go wrong with cyberspace in terms of security. To avoid being robbed of your data in 2022, go back to your basics. Follow best and top-notch security practices and verify all your users. 

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