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We believe that real value comes from combining business expertise with skilled technical resources. So all of our products and services have been created with this in mind. We provide, cloud solutionsCIO on DemandProject Management , Information Security , Digital Transformation and traditional IT services that fit your specific business needs.

CIO on Demand (Virtual/Fractional CIO)

Most commitments to consultants involve hiring them for a specific project or need. For companies whose technology needs are less specific or occasional in nature, JLS Technology offers the CIO On Demand (Virtual/Fractional CIO) service. For the small and medium businesses evaluating new technologies or increasing the role of technology in their operation, the most important first step is information. Relying on the vendor’s “Blue Sky” marketing, often leads to the purchase of a product that doesn’t completely fit your needs. A custom proprietary product can result in both cost and time overruns. The vendor is always going to tell you what you want to hear. You need an advocate that questions the ability of the vendor to deliver. On a day to day basis, you might come across software or hardware that seems to address exactly what you need. Issues come up, meetings commence, and somehow that technology solution gets lost. Even if you have an IT Manager/Director, their time may be too valuable to research new technologies. Further, you might be satisfied with where you are today, but not so sure about preparing for tomorrow. A fresh perspective, armed with experience and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, can help you plot your future.

CIO On Demand addresses the short-term technology questions and issues by securing my services in small economical blocks. By using this service, you retain our services for a set number of hours, anytime they are needed. JLS Technology’s response is immediate and the CIO On Demand client is given first priority.

In the past, JLS Technology has advised investors on the viability of business strategies of technology companies they are interested in. JLS Technology has advised on where technology can help them and when to leave well enough alone. Be it a 15 minute discussion, to an extensive evaluation of a company and their products, JLS Technology provides an unbiased opinion on the best use of technology.

CIO On Demand uses time blocks to establish a straightforward cost consideration for our services. A pay-as-you-go system might incur more expense than intended, and a monthly retainer would not allow for the fluxuation of time spent each month. By securing a set amount of time, you can manage your costs better; you know up front the commitment to me.

CIO On Demand includes an introductory free first hour so that we can discuss your company, it’s successes and goals, and what you hope to gain by retaining our services.

For more information about this service, please email, including a little about your company and what you hope to gain by utilizing CIO On Demand(Virtual/Fractional CIO).

Digital Transformation

  • Digital Business- Reimagining your business models, products and customer experiences to drive new value
  • Digital Operations- Reinventing and managing your most essential business processes with new ways of working
  • Digital Systems & Technology – Simplifying, modernizing and securing the IT infrastructure and applications that are the backbone of your business

Telecom Lifecycle Management

Telecom Inventory & Expense Management

Telecom Analysis

Vendor Negotiation & Selection

Software Development

Web Development

Mobile App Development


Quality Assurance Testing

Microsoft Partner Services

Office 365 Consulting Services

  • Exchange, SharePoint, SKYPE for Business, Cloud Voice/PSTN, MS TEAMS migrations and greenfield deployments
  • Power BI and Data Mining
  • Azure
    • Azure Consulting Services
      • Azure AD
      • Application development and Applications on Demand (Still in planning phase)

Office 365 Managed Support Services

  • Tier 1 24/7 support
  • Exchange, SharePoint, SKYPE for Business, Cloud Voice/PSTN, MS TEAMS Managed Services
  • Azure managed services
    • Azure Cost Management

Office 365 Cloud Solutions Provider

  • Delivering Office 365 Cloud Solutions

Project Management

Our project management methodology is based on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) five step methodology:

  1. Initiate
  2. Plan
  3. Execute
  4. Monitor & Control
  5. Close

Managing a project of any type or any scale is a challenge that requires a proven management methodology. Maintaining control of the project scope, project timeline, and project cost, also known as the “triple constraint” is a daunting task. To succeed you need solid processes, the right organizational structure, and highly trained resources. What makes us different is that we utilize a professional project management methodology and a staff of certified professional project managers. We have several certified Project Management Professionals along with our PMI based project methodology. We are experienced in managing a range of projects from a few hundred man hours to projects with tens of thousands of man hours.

We add a tightly coupled project Pursuit step to the PMI five step methodology. The project pursuit step further minimizes risk and streamlines the customer experience by capturing the clients goals and expectations in a consistent way. We also add a Partner step to the process that brings our ongoing support and remote monitoring capability to bear to further drive down the lifecycle cost of your project.

At JLS Technology, we not only provide a proven methodology and certified project managers we also deliver tools for managing projects the same way every time and in the most efficient manner possible. JLS Technology uses proven methods, tools, and processes to deliver consistent expected results every time.

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